I've been sitting here for (3) appointments so far, they confirm never show up, then treat the customer like complete garbage, actually less than garbage, they won't even call you back then when you call them they talk back to you saying "you should have known better".The employees who answer the phone talk down to customers and the general manager condones their actions.

The owner is nowhere to be found, always in a meeting. I've been a customer for over 10 years and they told me "they don't care, it's the industry" whatever that means. One time they cancelled on me on a warm day letting me know that there were an abundance of customers without heat, never called me to let me know again, I had to call them. I sat there all day could of been working, they confirmed 4 times, then I had to call to find out no ones coming.

The I said "ok and the girl Lisa on the phone said "I promise this time, we will be there at 10:00AM never happened again, I sat there, and sat there and could have been at my best friends son's funeral a little late, I never made it, I waited till after 1:00pm and again I had to call them an they told me they would not be over, the person I have every year, Mark was having lunch and would like to reschedule again for the 4th time, NO!The person I spoke to Kyle said "it's the industry and told me he didn't understand about my a small boy's funeral, and let me give you to the General Manager Sean, there's nothing I can do again till December".

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3-1/2 years later and their services is still deplorable. We had been customers for over 15yrs but in the last several years the positive attitude, knowledge and service has pretty much disappeared. Most of the employees are related to the owner and have the same "we don't care" attitude.

We made the decision this past fall to cancel any and all service with them and go with a company that actually cares about their quality of work while having respect for the customer as well.


Wilkins Mechanical Services has been in business since 1991 and we take pride in our customer service. We do fall short from time to time but we never make excuses for when we fall short. if this customer would like to call and speak to myself or the owner Bob, feel free to call us at 603-647-7741.

Sean McGorry

General Manager

Wilkins Mechanical Services, Inc

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #736312

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